Whether it be handing out free water bottles on a scorching hot day in Texas or providing clean water for a remote village across the world, helping others to spread the love of God can affect thousands of lives. Pastor John Wagner, the lead pastor of Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas, is a dedicated minister who works with his large congregation to improve communities locally and internationally. When others ask why the congregation is helping, Pastor John Wagner and church members often reply, “God’s love is free.”

A recent study by The Barna Group shows that a majority of adults in the United States believe that the church is a positive presence in the community, and many expect the church to influence the community by helping people in need. When churches take action and become involved in hands-on work in their neighborhoods and around the world, the results can be life-altering for everyone involved. Strong church programs are important, but actionable work in the community that is motivated by compassion can bring about new relationships, improved lives, and tangible change. As a result, the church connects with the community in new ways and shows people the love of God.

Pastor John Wagner and his wife, Ilena Wagner, have implemented monthly community service projects into the program at Turning Point Community Church. Projects have ranged from paying for people’s laundry at local Laundromats to giving away 1,000 bottles of water over the course of one day in July. The church also has partnered with a nonprofit organization, charity: water, that brings clean water to developing countries in order to pay for a well for a tiny village in India. The church has also helped with hurricane relief in Texas, New York, and New Jersey, where Pastor John Wagner said their actions showed the church’s love and commitment to helping others in any way it could. This site serves as an information resource for those interested in learning about the ministry.

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