About Pastor John Wagner

A visionary leader, Pastor John Wagner is the lead pastor of Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas. He has served in the ministry for more than 25 years. Pastor John Wagner’s teachings are characterized by a passionate and captivating balance between relevance and reverence. During his long career in the ministry, which has included working at more than 100 congregations around the world, Pastor John Wagner has led day-to-day ministry operations; mentored pastoral staff; and overseen youth, pastoral care, small group, and worship ministries.

Much of Pastor John Wagner’s ministry focuses on helping people in need through partnerships with nonprofit initiatives and engagement in issues such as fighting human sex trafficking and responding to natural disasters. Outreach programs at Pastor Wagner’s Turning Point Community Church have affected thousands of people. He also directed an award-winning cable television commercial for the Teen Suicide Hotline.

Pastor John Wagner earned a bachelor of arts in general education from Golden State University in Los Angeles and a master of arts in theology and religion from Honolulu University in Hawaii. Covenant Ministries International ordained him as a minister in 1988, and he has since worked with congregations in Connecticut, Florida, and New Jersey, as well as in international locations such as South Africa, Italy, and Austria. As an Apostolic team leader with the Covenant Ministries International ministerial fellowship, Pastor Wagner has served more than 600 spiritual leaders in almost 100 countries through encouragement, prayer, and counseling. Teaching at conferences and workshops, he encourages CMI members to communicate their message of grace to their communities. Pastor John Wagner has also written courses about the lives of Jesus and David, and the love of God for Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center’s School of Ministry.

The father of five children, Pastor John Wagner lives in Texas with his wife, Ilena Wagner. His weekly sermons are available online at Turning Point Community Church.

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